Skill Training Program

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The economic empowerment of women is a prerequisite for sustainable development. ...Skill development is a key to improve employability and income-earning opportunities for women and for enhancing sustainable ruraldevelopment and livelihoods. Social outcomes are reflected in indicators of income inequality and poverty. ISSAI TRUST CONTINUOUSLY Investing in young women’s economic empowerment and skills development is one of the most urgent and effective means to drive progress on gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth. Despite growing evidence of the positive outcomes of young women’s economic empowerment, young women continue to experience unequal access to education and skills development and face barriers to securing decent employment and opportunities to thrive as entrepreneurs. Young women’s access to resources, including land and loans, may be restricted by discriminatory laws, and young women continue to shoulder an unequal share of unpaid care work, due to the persistence of traditional gender roles. Skill training imparted to 123 women on sewing machine operation ,basic computer operation and Talley and 103 were got employment .