About Us


Indian Sustainable Social Action Institute (ISSAI), established with the likeminded persons interested in various development activities in the social sector for the sustainable livelihood improvement of the deserved and disadvantaged people. Indian Sustainable Social Action Institute (ISSAI) started its activities in empowering women through capacity building and promotion of CBOs, Knowledge improvement of children through Evening tuition centers in dindigul district.Now the organization is implementing watershed development programmes, Promotion of CBOs and Producer Organisations, Menstrual Hygiene Management ,Supplementary education programmes, Health camps, Emergency Relief and rehabilitation works, Skill Development Initiatives, climate change related activities for the sustainability of the target people in. Dindigul,Karurl and Trichy District with the participation and contribution of the community .

Our Vision and Mission


Development of the under developed and depressed community to a secured sustainable life in a Conducive environment.


Empowering the women, youth and children to succeed in life by providing education, health care, livelihood skills and community development services.

Major Activities of Issai Trust

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Women development programmes

1. Promotion of Women Self Help groups(152) in the backward villages with marginalized and unorganized women members.
2. Micro-credit for income generation through revolving the savings of the women groups (83)and establish links with the local banks for credit(88.20Lakhs).
3. Capacity building of women members on group management, accounts maintenance.
4. Entrepreneurship Development Programmes to women and youths.

Health care programmes

1.Awareness among women on anemia prevention, & HIV/AIDS prevention programmes.
2. Health camps organized in 25 target villages.
3. Menstrual Hygiene Management training to 280 rural women and 180 adolescent girls.

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Watershed development programmes

1. Sustainable agriculture development trainings to 260 farmers among farming communities
2. Renovation 2 tanks in Kattapulipatty and Kakkayampatty villages in Karur district
3. Deepening of 3 Wells
4. Plantation of 2040 saplings
5. Farm Bunding & Gully plugging
6. Environment awareness programmes to student communities in 3 schools
7. Promotion of Herbal cultivation and kitchen garden promotion in the target villages

COVID -19 Relief Works

1. COVID-19 has been declared as a pandemic by WHO due to the alarming levels of spread and severity.
2. ISSAI has made initiatives in to support these un organized sector during this pandemic period by providing them with meals, dry ration and other essential support with the help of donor organization and the local support.
3. ISSAI is collaborating with Government, fellow NGOs and volunteers to help needy and disadvantaged community.

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ISSAI has created awareness on COVID-19 and its impacts and the hygienic measures to be taken and distribute the kits (consisting of rice, dry provisions, and face masks) to those most in need. Through information dissemination and creating awareness on covid 19 prevention and hygienic maintenance and maintaining social distancing. we reach out with food and dry ration and hot cooked meal wherever possible. So far with the support of well wishers, donors and local community ,ISSAI has distributed 4200 masks and Rice and groceries kits to 750 un organized daily wages workers , Gypsies(Narikuravars) and migrants and provided meals to 4200 persons .